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Morten S. Mølgaard

...and by the way, just a few more comments:

March 9th, 1972 I was born - in Aalborg in northern Jutland.
I grew up in Svenstrup 10 km south of Aalborg. Here I also went to the primary school, until high school which was in Støvring 10 km further to the south. After this I educated myself as a chartered surveyor at the university of Aalborg.

My biggest hobby is butterflies. About this you can read more elsewhere on this homepage.
Then there is a big chapter on meteorology which is also very interesting to me. What happens in the atmosphere is fascinating, and the changeableness and often beautiful sceneries of the weather exercises my mind. But something has to happen! Therefore dramatic weather is more than welcome: thunderstorms, storm, heavy rain, blizzards and so on. It is a little more fun when the elements are raging. Mild and peaceful high pressure weather can soon become a little boring. And then there must be snow and cold in the winter - this is customary.

And get along with some world-wide initiatives concerning environmentally compatible energy sources, so that we can avoid global warming. Why let things slide for so long, in my opinion much too long already? To tamper with the global climate is a terribly serious thing, and don't hesitate one second.

I often listen to music; it is many different genres.

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