The greenhouse effect


The greenhouse effect is a very controversial issue in these years. Burning of fossil fuels increases the greenhouse effect in the atmosphere of the Earth because the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) increases. An increasing greenhouse effect will make the global temperature rise. About this there is no doubt among the scientists, but it is difficult to predict the size of the warming within a certain amount of time. It is also clear that an unchanged or increased emission of greenhouse gases will have enormous consequences for the global climate. Within the next 50-100 years this will, probably, mean f.ex.:

It will create millions of refugees - so-called climate refugees.
Maybe we are already seeing some of those things. One heat record after the other, and floods and storms are commoner. In Europe the climate seemed to become suddenly warmer after 1987. Europe suddenly started to have unusually many very warm winters almost without snow. We see and hear about one severe storm and flood after the other. The low pressure activity in the Atlantic seems to have become much more aggressive and pumps enormous amounts of warm air and precipitation into Europe, especially in the winter season. Is this a result of a human-created increasing greenhouse effect?

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